Thompson submachine gun animation

YouTube Thompson Disassembly Animation - posted in Thompson Submachine Gun Message Board: I dont know if you guys have seen this animation on Youtube, but it does a good, quick job of summarizing thedisassembly of a Thompson. → The Thompson Submachine Gun / General Information Forums. Submachine Gun Stick Mag  Super small and simple mod that adds the stick mags and animations from the Tomacuzi-9 to work with the vanilla Submachine gun. I did it because I've seen some people request it here and there. This mod is % Standalone you don't need the Tomacuzi-9 or any other mod for this one to work. . anims first effecting the vanilla submachine gun only, leaving your knuckles undamaged when defending yourself in the Commonwealth with the Thompson while still allowing those sexy little phalanges to wrap around the magazine of your Standalone weapon of choice when you put the Thompson away when common sense overwhelms you.

Thompson submachine gun animation

While Thompson was overshadowed by low evasion rate for 5* t-dolls, she's very useful to be put in frontline thanks for the biggest HP value among SMGs and active skills. The gun portrayed in the game is the A1 semi-automatic carbine produced by Kahr. It has an 18" barrel as opposed to the original Thompson submachine gun's 10" barrel. Also, in the Thompson submachine gun the H shaped bronze lock connects the bolt actuator to the bolt body; incorrect installation of the Blish lock can render a Thompson inoperable and upon firing, any fouling, lubricant, or moisture on the locking surfaces render . Thompson submachine gun, byname Tommy Gun, submachine gun patented in by its American designer, General John T. Thompson. The weapon became famous during the U.S. Prohibition era (–33) as the gun used by gangsters. Indeed it became so widely known in that era that it is commonly (but erroneously) believed to be the first submachine gun. Our M1 Thompson model is a caliber semi-automatic replica of the most famous American submachine gun of World War II. The Thompson M1 was used victoriously in battles throughout the world, ensuring its place for eternity as a legend among military firearms. The Thompson submachine gun is an American submachine gun invented by John T. Thompson in which became infamous during the Prohibition era, being a signature weapon of various crime syndicates in the United States. It was a common sight in the media of the time, Barrel length: in ( mm), 12 in ( mm) (with Cutts compensator).

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Thompson Machine Gun Short Shoot Test Animation, time: 0:05
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